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Family Center for Recovery

All levels of care: Drug Alcohol Detox, Residential Treatment, PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), and Aftercare.

  • We treat adolescents and teens with mental health and substance use disorders. We treat teenagers with drug and behavioral issues.
  • We treat expecting mothers and pregnant women in need of drug and alcohol rehab or detox from their substance use disorders.
  • We treat adult patients with mental health issues, often times dual diagnosed with substance use disorders.
  • We treat struggling drug and alcohol users who are willing and eager to stop suffering and start the journey of growth to regain their lives back.
Agency for Health Care Administration

State Certified to treat Mental Health


We battle substance use and mental health disorders the right way: with a doctor. We are the only facility in Florida owned and operated by a triple board certified addiction psychiatrist. Every patient with an ailment should receive the expert direction of a medical doctor. The cutting edge in recovery is found in Psychiatry. Brain function is complicated. Yet, with stacks and stacks of research we now know the areas in the brain to repair. It is the psychiatrist who decides what parts of the brain have changed or stopped working correctly. We work with the family and loved ones, and as a unified team we never give up until we have helped the patient to achieve those goals.

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Joint Commission Accredited Facility


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Bring your Pets into Treatment

The therapy that pets bring to patients and their family has real value. Inquire with our admissions and clinical departments to determine if a pet can come to treatment along with the patient. Here are the criteria.

  • Must provide us vet records
  • Animal must have no history of aggression



Is TMS Therapy better for depression than ECT?

When patients with severe mental depression or suicidal tendencies do not receive satisfactory results from standard treatments, they have to cure their clinical depression with cranial therapies as the best possible options and alternatives. Cranial Therapies Therapies for brain stimulation play a significant role in the treatment of severe.


ADHD Treatment Plan

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a condition with behavioral symptoms such as hyperactivity, inattentiveness and impulsive actions. Symptoms of this disorder can be noticed at an early age when children start their schooling phase. Majority of such cases get diagnosed between the ages of six and twelve. Symptoms.


Eating Disorders in Teenage Boys

In the past, it was fairly common to come across teenage girls with eating disorders and as a result, body image was often discussed with young women, whereas teenage boys were seldom considered in these types of situations and the dialogue was seldom opened with them. Research has recently.


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