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Finding the best treatment options for bipolar disorder can be a difficult thing for anyone looking for help. Family Center for Recovery, near West Palm Beach Florida, offers cutting edge therapies to treat all kinds of bipolar disease, returning balance back to our patients.

We administer comprehensive evaluations to provide us with the total picture of patient's mental health history, triggering factors, and presentation. We tailor an unique bipolar treatment plan to relieve acute symptoms and provide the patient life skills to keep stability.

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

With psychotherapy, individual sessions, community group therapy, and medication management, our medical staff and clinicians work together to nurture personal growth and mental well-being. The advanced therapeutic sophistication of our residential program allows people with bipolar disorder to experience accelerated results and quickly move toward a healthier, more prosperous life.

We treat patients from around the country and we are local to West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Lantana, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter.

Bipolar Disorder: What Most Treatment Centers Get Wrong


  • • Diagnosing types of Bipolar Disorder can be difficult. Bipolar I Disorder, for example can go misdiagnosed, since the dominant mood is irritability. It is often misunderstood as a patient just being nasty, or having mood swings, but not really a sign of the disease. Our medical staff has treated many of these cases and has the medical knowledge and resources to identify the Bipolar I disorder type.

  • • Bipolar II Disorder is a more common mood disorder that most often features depression. Psychiatric studies have shown that these patients will often self-medicate with alcohol or even cocaine. The actual cause of the substance abuse isn't addictive personality, but one of the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder itself. Family Center for Recovery is certified to treat mental health and identify bipolar depression and a manic episode, whereas other centers  can often confuse what is actually causing the substance abuse issue.

  • • Lastly, individuals in treatment for substance abuse may be obstinate, defiant, aggressive and/or paranoid. These are often signs of bipolar disorder, but they may be taken as side effects of the withdrawal from substances or seen as personality quirks. The bipolar disorder then, is not treated, and the treatment for the substance use will not be effective. Our clinic can treat co-occurring disorders, also known as dual-diagnosis of every major mental illness.


Our owner and medical director Dr. Robert A. Moran is a Triple Board Certified Psychiatrist. He is a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Cornell University, and faculty member of the Biomedical Science at Florida Atlantic University.

Since 1993, Dr. Moran has dedicated his life to the study and treatment of mental health disorders. In Lantana, Florida, just outside West Palm Beach, he meets with all his patients and medical students every day at the facility to insure the highest quality care and treatment at the facility.


Family Center for Recovery has the gold seal of National Quality of approval from the Joint Commission, which is an independent organization that grades health care facilities.

Less than 6% of treatment facilities in the country have been given the gold seal.


Family Center for Recovery treats a wide age group range, because we understand mental health issues can begin early in life or later. The facility has a program for adolescents and teens (13-17), complete with schooling options. There is also a separate adult program that assists with the transition back to work and daily life after inpatient treatment. 

We treat Bi-Polar disorder with compassion and superior medical expertise. Learn more at our main site.


We treat patients most centers can't.