James Santamarina

Raised in a family of successful business leaders, James always knew he possessed the skills necessary to lead any company towards future growth. Currently working towards his degree, he was granted the opportunity to use these skills in the mental health field. He influenced the development of our Family Services department which aims to provide support and education for families. The importance of this cannot be understated, as we have seen that family involvement and education is a major catalyst in the recipe for success. We achieve this through unique modalities, a few which are conference calls, online support groups, and a bi-monthly family educational event.

Growing up, James was a soccer player and well-rounded academically. Upon gaining a scholarship to college, he wasn’t aware of the mental health issues looming that would change his life forever. After overcoming his personal challenges, he was able to build a solid foundation on which he stands today. Learning from an incredible clinical team led by a top-notch psychiatrist, he began his professional career in the mental health treatment field.

James was an integral part in the expansion and development of several key departments including Cognitive Enhancement and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, learning the different types of testing/treatments and how to appropriately administer and analyze the data. FCFR, driven by education and research, afforded him the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our psychiatrist to successfully complete research showing the effects of TMS on patients with cravings for substances. Representing FCFR at Psych Congress in San Antonio, we were able to show the world the potential that TMS has on treating diagnoses other than Major Depressive Disorder.

The Family Center for Recovery has expanded James’ knowledge and created a vast landscape on which he continues to build. His goal is to continue finding unique ways to engage both the patient and family, and with a clinical team like ours, the possibilities are endless.