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Detox without harsh withdrawal symptoms

Drug detox and alcohol detox is necessary to allow the body to adjust slowly to a change in toxin levels when it’s become physically dependent on a substance.

Before starting detox, our medical staff determines the type of detoxification necessary for each patient. We assess which detox works best by analyzing the what, how, when and why: what drugs were used, how much was taken, whendid the abuse start, and why did the patient choose to do this– were there any mental disorders contributing to the issue?

Every patient is unique

Adults requiring medical detox need special consideration on a case by case scenario. We tailor all our detox treatments to the individual needs of the patient, in every age group. The medical needs of a twenty-five year old will be different than that of a fifty-five year old, and we strive to make all of our patients comfortable throughout the detox treatment and beyond.

Pregnancy Drug Detox: Two Lives to Save

In the case of expecting mothers, the mother and the baby’s substance dependence is an important factor to consider during drug detox. Our professional medical staff will address both the mother and the pregnancy to bring back both to a healthier state.

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The primary goal of detox, whether it is drugs or alcohol, is to safely manage undesirable withdrawal symptoms. It is important to note that every person may experience different symptoms associated with drug or alcohol detoxification.

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