Teenagers may develop problems of their own from exposure to parents drinking at home. It is common to hear stories about teens swiping bottles of booze from their parents’ cupboard. Some would even say it’s part of young adulthood to do such things and will not absolutely lead to problems. While that may be the case for some, for others access to the alcohol at an earlier age makes all the difference in creating a lifelong problem. Recent studies suggest that such easy access through parents drinking increases the risks of dependency and addiction significantly later in life. The same studies also state that the results suggest that this effect is stronger for white males. Researchers processed data on thousands of adolescents with parents drinking at home.

Parents drinking relates to increased access

Teenagers with more access began using alcohol and illicit substances were much more likely to develop dependency issues with either one, or sometimes both, when they grew older. Young men with easy access to drug were be more likely to use them in adulthood rather than female adolescences exposed. Oddly enough, though Asian and Hispanic teens in this study had greater access than other ethic groups in this same study, white people had an increased likelihood of using them compared to all other ethic groups.

There have been many research studies which directly linked substance use by parents to usage among teens. However, there haven’t been many studies on the availability of these substances  in the household and how it influences children’s future decisions as an adult. The results of these studies offer proof that availability of illegal substances and alcohol within a teen’s childhood home is a highly critical factor for later use and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

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