Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) offers normative-based feedback and prospects patient motivation to be altered in reaction to that feedback. MET develops motivational interviewing and therapy. It’s focus is on the treatment of substance use disorder.

The overall goal of this kind of therapy is to not lead the patient through the process of recovery, but to instill inward change brought on through motivation.

This method has two components:

  1. Initial assessment battery session, and
  2. Four individual therapeutic sessions with a therapist.

During the first session, the therapist invokes conversation on a patient’s substance use experiences and brings out self-motivational statements by offering feedback.

The basis of MET is used to increase motivation and construct a plan for further change; coping strategies are explained and discussed with the patient.

At this point, changes in behavior are monitored and strategies used for cessation of substance use are reviewed in later sessions, where patients are then encouraged to continue abstinence and the recovery process.

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