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Two Hearts, One Treatment

Saving Babies Before They’re Born

If you’re pregnant and on drugs, you don’t need judgments. You need help. In the United States 1 child every hour is born addicted and detoxing from opiates. An estimated 440,000 babies are born every year addicted to at least one substance. Your child doesn’t have to be born an addict.

We Treat Pregnant Women with Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Pregnant and Pregnant Women in Florida

Many treatment centers do not offer drug treatment for pregnant women but we believe no one should be overlooked if they are willing and able to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. The Family Center for Recovery has adopted a high standard of medical detox for expecting mothers, addressing each specific need for every patient.

Benefits of Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Pregnant Women

· Expecting mothers can live with their baby in our transitional living apartments.

· Extra apartment space is provided to make room for the baby

· Patients have access to prenatal health and parenting resources to prepare for the new baby

· FCFR provides a compassionate, judgment-free environment for expecting mothers

· The health of the mother and baby are factored into every unique treatment plan

Our psychiatrists, therapists and supporting staff promote compassion and administer a safe, judgment free atmosphere. Every patient is rigorously monitored. We understand that both the stresses of pregnancy and going to drug and alcohol rehab can be a burden without professional support.

As a new parent, you understand the devastating impact drug addiction will have on your future and the baby’s. Family Center for Recovery is here to help. We offer quality care while addressing co-occurring psychiatric disorders and complex family issues. To learn more about our expectant mothers recovery program, call us today at 1-855-202-4220.

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Additional Treatment Options Available to Pregnant Women

There are other ways to provide alcohol and drug treatment and support once she becomes pregnant.

  1. Doctor-coordinated treatment

We offer Doctor-coordinated treatment.  Our on-site Doctor will assist our patients in every step of their journey. We are here for mother and child.

2. Pre-natal care and screening

We provide pre-natal care and screenings because getting pre-natal care improves the chances of successful drug abuse treatment.

3. Dependency counseling

We have specific groups for our Pregnant patients on drug and alcohol issues related to pregnancy and the issues that arise around it.

Despite all these treatment solutions, the best way for a pregnant woman to keep herself and her baby safe is by abstaining from drugs and alcohol. We aim to help our expecting mothers live a drug free, happy life going forward with their children. To learn more about our expectant mothers recovery program, call us today at 1-855-202-4220.

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