Using Suboxone To Detox

Withdrawal from opiates is sometimes a misunderstood subject. Suboxone is a highly effective medication that is known for its ability to stop the withdrawal symptoms related to a wide variety of opioids. Everything from morphine to codeine and heroin as well as Vicodin and OxyContin are opioids that can produce painful and fear-filled withdrawal symptoms. Through the use of Suboxone detox, patients are able to detox in a safe and more confident way. It is important to note that detoxification through the use of Suboxone can be a safer and more comfortable experience than would otherwise be the case.

Suboxone: What is it?

The first step in gaining full benefit from Suboxone for detox for opioid addiction is in understanding what it is and how it works. This important detoxification medication is an approved drug that successfully treats withdrawal from opiates. It comes in two forms of a medication known as buprenorphine. In simple terms, Suboxone performs in such a way that it binds with opioid receptors in the human brain. Interestingly, these are the same receptors to which heroin, morphine and a variety of other opiates bind. Medical suboxone detox is necessary in a lot of cases because of the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

Eliminating Withdrawal Symptoms

One unique aspect of Suboxone is that it is known as a partial agonist. This simply means that taken in low doses, the medication acts, in the same way, to suppress pain as any other type of opiate. When the dosage is increased, opioid receptors are blocked and therefore receptors are not allowed to be stimulated. This results in more effective detoxification because it eliminates withdrawal symptoms. As an advantage, patients are not able to abuse Suboxone because of the very nature of how it works.

Recovery from Opioid Addiction

Also unique is the fact that Suboxone makes it virtually impossible to experience an opiate type “high.” For example, those that are taking Suboxone and then who decides to use another opioid such as heroin will simply not experience the euphoria associated with that type of illicit drug. Suboxone is an important resource in helping people to recover from opioid addiction. Keep in mind that if an opiate user were to try to abruptly stop taking illicit drugs they would go into severe withdrawal in just a few hours or longer.

Recovery and Suboxone

The symptoms of this type of withdrawal can be overwhelming and may include nausea, insomnia, a racing heartbeat as well as muscle pain and severe anxiety. Conversely, when Suboxone detox is used, these negative effects of withdrawal can be eliminated. However, careful medical application and proper dosing is essential to a successful outcome. If Suboxone is given at the wrong time or in the wrong dosage it could actually cause withdrawal symptoms to become more aggravated. While recovery takes time and effort, the end result of successful Suboxone detox is a better quality of life that is free of addictive and illicit drugs.

Important Advantages

It is also important to note that many patients may require maintenance treatment using Suboxone as a way to stabilize over time when detoxifying from opiates. Suboxone offers several important advantages over older and more traditional types of medications such as methadone. Perhaps most important of all is the fact that Suboxone is simply a safer option. Methadone could in some cases result in complications simply because patients can overdose if taking illicit drugs while on the medication. Conversely, with Suboxone detox this is not possible.

Suboxone Use and Treatment

If illicit drugs are taken while on Suboxone, it is highly unlikely that an overdose condition will occur. Further, unlike methadone where the patient must visit a clinic to receive a dose of the medication, Suboxone is available in a prescription form where no daily clinic visit is needed. Suboxone is such an effective drug that it also blocks the negative effects of opiates that may have been injected intravenously. In short, Suboxone offers huge advantages because patients are not able to “get high” while on the medication. Because Suboxone is absorbed slowly by blood vessels the chances of addiction are greatly reduced.

Success Rates Are Higher

Suboxone is generally not abused and does not have the same addiction characteristics of other opiates. Using this medication for detoxification on a short-term basis prevents patients from using it in ways that are counterproductive. Most importantly, withdrawal symptoms in most people are effectively prevented through its use. Success rates are higher in terms of keeping patients permanently off of addictive drugs through the proper use of buprenorphine medications such as Suboxone. Detoxing with Suboxone is a smart strategy that has considerable benefits for patients. Contact Family Center for Recovery today and learn more about Suboxone detox and all that it makes possible in terms of recovery.