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Through the Looking Glass: Edition 2 By Our Beloved Staff

The stigma of having any mental disorder is very much more prevalent than we think. Growing up in Jamaica; disgrace and forlornness were always associated with any individual with mental illness. Without knowing better, I had grown in acceptance of this idea. When I was thirteen years old, my closest friend who suffered from depression, died. Until today I loathed the thought of the potential of his unlived life, wasted because of a terrible illness. I swore from then on that I would  do the whatever I could to change even one person’s life. After completing Nursing school; I knew, that four years were not wasted. I vowed to dedicate my passion to care for Patients as my dearest friend. One day at a time, we will tackle this monster together.


Working as a nurse in a mental health/substance abuse facility, I’ve learned so much about mental disorders and illnesses, which effects people on a daily basis: such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder and etc. Getting to know my patients and assisting them to become better and healthier is really important to me. When it comes to mental illness and seeking help, some people hesitate to get the help that they really need and that delays the treatment process, and others are afraid of being judge. Seeking help is very important, and the program itself is very beneficial.



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