Embracing the “Failure” of Relapse

Let’s get something straight relapse is not part of the process! It does happen often but let’s not get confused. Now if perhaps, you do relapse in recovery there is always something you can learn from this. “It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” – Ellen DeGeneres.

When coming back from a relapse make sure you take the time to point out the behavior patterns that led up to your relapse. You would talk to a sponsor, sober support, or therapist to help you recognize these patterns that presented themselves but that you may have not been aware of. Once you are aware of these patterns you can challenge them and discuss what could have been done differently. The first step of change is awareness.

Remember that just because you relapsed that does not mean you have failed at recovery. It’s not about how you fall but how you get yourself back up. Relapse could be a learning process for you. Most of the times when someone relapses they realize that they no longer enjoy the high and are desperate to get clean again. Ah! The gift of desperation! This is when the pain gets great enough that you look for change. Pain can be our greatest motivator. It is only when we fail that we can learn from our mistakes so that when we try again we know what needs to be done differently.


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